Rock N’ Roll Town’s review of
“Stand Up and Be Counted”


Rock N’ Roll Town is officially the first site in Greece that reviewed our debut release and we are thrilled as well as grateful!
So, without further ado, here it is translated from Greek:


Obscurus Rex has released their new EP “Stand Up And Be Counted”.

This EP is the first for the band from Athens, a band that has been active in the music scene of our country for about two years and comes forward with a record that definitely does not go unnoticed!

“Stand Up And Be Counted,” as it is called, was released in March and contains 4 songs, which seem to reflect the mirror image of Obscurus Rex and everything they want to express, creating a dynamic temperament around the atmosphere of the band that is taking its first steps. “IT,” “Your Enemy Tonight,” “4Justice,” and “Red” sound in that order when you press “play”, and together they produce a quite powerful result that could easily be described as a musical shot. Strong, enjoyable, and with a predisposition to make you have a good time!

The songs you encounter in Obscurus Rex’s debut EP have very good drums throughout, showing technical skill and mastery in rhythm, leaving you completely satisfied. The guitar riffs provide the impetus for something heavier, complementing the drums, while the solos come in to push you into relentless headbanging. Of course, the bass couldn’t be missing from this musical pandemonium, giving the songs the character they deserve, with bass lines written in a tone and style that many bassists out there would envy. Overall, Obscurus Rex has taken care to showcase their talent on the musical instruments and marry them under the veil of metal that covers the EP “Stand Up And Be Counted,” and believe me, they do it more than well. Beyond our expectations!

However, in the collaboration of the musical instruments and the overall arrangements, Manos Xanthakis, the voice of Obscurus Rex, comes to add his final signature to the character of the band. With his voice reminiscent of the 80s-90s but also with a fresh note of air, Manos contributes a unique timbre and a passionate/wild feeling to the songs that ultimately reaches the listener. It’s as if he’s speaking to you from within your ears, touching you and igniting your inner flame, something that is the aim of this EP. Unique!

In general, the debut EP of Obscurus Rex titled “Stand Up And Be Counted” immerses you in the musical world of the band, showcases incredible character, and is an honor for Greek metal! If the EP sounds so good and full, then how will the full-length album be? We are looking forward to it because, as it seems, the best is yet to come!

All the songs are great, but it’s worth listening to “Red” and “4Justice” in particular.


The EP is now available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!

Rex Εxpectat!