Iron Backstage Magazine reviews
“Stand Up and Be Counted”


Iron Backstage Magazine from Germany reviewed our debut EP.
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Obscurus Rex’s debut EP, “Stand Up and Be Counted,” blazes a trail through the metal landscape with its unyielding spirit and unapologetic intensity. Garnering a rating of 3.5 out of 5, this EP showcases the band’s devotion and determination, offering listeners a raw, unfiltered musical experience.

At its core, “Stand Up and Be Counted” is a testament to the band’s fierce commitment to their craft. The EP’s thematic focus on Inner Fire adds depth to the lyrical content, exploring the various facets of human emotion with unbridled honesty. The band’s passion is palpable, infusing each track with a sense of urgency and purpose.

Musically, the EP delivers a blend of metal influences that defy easy categorization. While the songs lack a cohesive thread that ties them together seamlessly, they make up for it with individual moments of brilliance. The guitar work, in particular, stands out, offering a mix of intricate melodies and powerful riffs that showcase the band’s technical proficiency.

The EP’s production quality is commendable. However, there are instances where the mix feels slightly uneven, hindering the full impact of certain tracks. With more polish and refinement, the EP has the potential to elevate its audial presence further.

Despite these minor shortcomings, “Stand Up and Be Counted” is undeniably authentic. It embodies the band’s refusal to compromise their vision, resulting in a collection of tracks that resonate with genuine emotion. The EP’s opener (“IT”), in particular, serves as a standout anthem, encapsulating the band’s ethos and inviting listeners to join them in their impassioned journey.

In conclusion, “Stand Up and Be Counted” is a promising debut effort from Obscurus Rex, showcasing their potential within the metal scene. While the EP may lack some cohesion and refinement, it makes up for it with its raw energy and sincerity. With continued growth and honing of their craft, Obscurus Rex has the makings of a powerhouse in the metal genre. This EP serves as a strong foundation, leaving listeners eager to witness the band’s evolution in future releases.

The EP is now available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!
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