One year since “Stand Up…”


Greetings, our royal subjects!

Today is March 28th and the day marks a special anniversary:

It is one year since the release of our debut EP “Stand Up and Be Counted”!

In the months that followed we learned so much and -most importantly- we plotted our future course!

So, here is an update:

We are in the pre-production phase for our first full album. All songs have been written and we are one step away from kicking off the recording sessions.

We don’t have a release date yet as it is a bit early for that, but the plan is to have it released in 2025, and then…hit the road!

Also, in order to celebrate this anniversary, we offer our new T-Shirts along with a Jewel case CD copy of “Stand Up and Be Counted”!

As you can understand, we’ve been busy and we are about to get busier!

But there is nothing to prepare YOU for what’s coming next!

Stay tuned, follow us and thy shall be rewarded!…


The EP is available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!
Rex Εxpectat!