Golden Rules’ review of
“Stand Up and Be Counted”


The Greek webzine Golden Rules reviewed our debut EP “Stand Up and Be Counted” and we have to say that such good words for our work are like jet fuel for our Metal engines!
The best is yet to come, people!…


On their debut EP, Obscurus Rex explore classic Heavy Metal paths.

Dark, melodic, and distinctive, their material beckons you to listen to it repeatedly.

They possess the essence of the classic, but they have their sights set on the present, and most importantly, they have passion for what they do, which is evident in their material.

Here you will hear Manos Xanthakis from Ocean’s Edge and Alphastate in a more classic Heavy Metal rendition. His voice adds a unique hue to the pieces and elevates the overall standard.

All members of the band have accumulated extensive experience in other bands, and notably, they come from diverse backgrounds. Their convergence under the umbrella of Obscurus Rex can only be described as exceptionally intriguing.

I will eagerly await the band’s next move.


The EP is now available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!

Rex Εxpectat!