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White Room Reviews has reviewed “Stand Up and Be Counted” and we are so grateful for their kind words!
The original review is in Dutch so we have translated it in English (thanks ChatGPT, you’re the dude!😄🤘).


Heavy metal is and remains heavy metal. There have been periods when people thought the genre was dying, but in recent years, this movement has clearly come back into the spotlight. This also brings new blood into the scene. Obscurus Rex, originating from Greece, is one of those bands, and they have released their first EP titled “Stand Up And Be Counted.”

Obscurus Rex

The name may be new, but this band from the capital city of Athens is full of experience. Drummer Dimitris Sakkas has been involved in a tremendous number of bands. The band has been active since 2021 and has had its current lineup since 2022 when the current vocalist joined the group.

Stand Up And Be Counted EP

The four tracks on this quartet’s extended play exude classic heavy metal from start to finish. Influences from Judas Priest and Iron Maiden can be clearly heard in a track like “Your Enemy Tonight.” It is worth noting that the vocalist, Manos Xanthakis, is not afraid to reach high notes. This is commendable and gives the music an authentic heavy metal character.

In addition to the vocals, Obscurus Rex also excels in songwriting on “Stand Up And Be Counted”. This ensures that the tracks, with the closing track “Red” being over eight minutes long, are easily memorable. Moreover, “Red” demonstrates their ability to handle calm and lengthy instrumental passages well. As a result, fans of Iron Maiden will find it easy to connect with their music.

The four tracks that Obscurus Rex has placed on “Stand Up And Be Counted” make the band clearly visible. Those who fail to present themselves will not be seen or heard, and in terms of presentation, this Greek heavy metal band has passed with flying colors.


The EP is now available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!

Rex Εxpectat!