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“Stand Up and Be Counted”


It is always rewarding to read such beautiful reviews such the one by Soundcheck.Network.
But it also underscores the responsibility we have to do our best and prove ourselves worthy of such compliments!


Obscurus Rex is a newly formed metal band that was formed by bassist Panos Karabelas in Athens in 2021. Their first EP, “Stand Up and Be Counted,” was recorded at Dimons Studios and was officially released in March. Alongside Panos Karabelas on bass, Kimonas Alex (ex-Social Scream) participated on guitar, Dimitris Sakkas (Humanity Zero) on drums, and Manos Xanthakis (Alphastate, ex-False Coda) on vocals. After the recording of the EP, Kimonas Alex left the band, and Konstantinos Mavrogiannis (Fiat Lvx, ex-The Silent Rage) took his place.

“Stand Up and Be Counted” consists of four songs and has a duration of 26 minutes. In this EP, the Athenians play heavy metal with their focus on the present. It is close to the style of the recent works of Spitfire, Marauder, and Whisper Killers. The band is quite experienced, which is evident in their well-crafted compositions that avoid unnecessary elements and redundant repetitions. The songs are full of energy, and everyone has given their best. The first two tracks, “IT” and “Your Enemy Tonight,” are ideal for headbanging and enjoying a beer in hand; they will surely create a great atmosphere at live shows. “Red” is a more emotional piece that reveals a more sensitive side of the band. Finally, “4 Justice” is the best composition on the album, combining dynamic sections with a quite lyrical chorus. Manos Xanthakis has a beautiful metallic voice that will make you enjoy it, Kimonas has done a great job on guitars, and his solos are quite to the point, while Panos and Dimitris perfectly fill the sound of their band.

This debut work of Obscurus Rex not only introduces us to a new band in the best way possible but also stands as a release that keeps the heavy metal flag flying high. With “Stand Up and Be Counted,” we have a dynamic entrance into the Greek music scene, and I look forward to even better things from Obscurus Rex in the future.


The EP is now available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!

Rex Εxpectat!