“All Around Metal” from the Italy reviews out debut EP!


All Around Metal reviewed our debut EP “Stand Up and Be Counted” and behold the translation (well, we did the best we can…) as the original is in Italian!


And here we are, once again, approaching another Hellenic band, Obscurus Rex. I use the verb “approaching” not by chance; in fact, this is a debut group that has entrusted their first musical proposal to an EP (as many other bands do) with all the good intentions of making a good impression in the international metalrama.

These four horsemen assembled a couple of years ago in the Greek capital, in the shadow of the Parthenon, and in a relatively short time, they were able to produce this debut of theirs.

When I read the title of the EP, it immediately brought to mind similar pieces from the early days of Heavy Metal, like – for example – those of the legendary Saxon, even if the music here (it must be said) is very different.

Ready, set… and it’s an immediate assault with “IT” that – due to its compactness and determination – gave me the impression of having the horrific clownish creature created by the immense Stephen King lurking nearby, ready to strike me from behind. A remarkable and decidedly heavy piece with impressive vocals by Manos and a true gem of a solo by Kimonas.

“Your Enemy Tonight” starts with a highly polished rhythm section and thrilling nocturnal atmosphere, then transitions into a more classic Power context.

The following “4 Justice” is even more massive, adding further acceleration to the EP, while featuring several tempo changes culminating in yet another convincing and inspired solo by Kimonas.

The concluding “Red” begins with Panos’s bass and unfolds with a heavy and heartfelt slow pace, evolving into a killer mid-tempo.

In short, the first test was more than good with “Stand Up and Be Counted” for Obscurus Rex, which, I confess, given the name, I had initially expected a Doom proposal and instead is a candidate to enter the firmament of the most talented Classic/Power bands.


The EP is now available in Digital & CD form on Bandcamp!

Rex Εxpectat!